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Eureka Accelerates Data-Driven Answers and Insights with data.world

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data.world, an enterprise data catalog for modern data stacks, launched Eureka, which activates metadata while speeding up the time to generate data-driven answers and insights. Suite members include Eureka Automations, Eureka Action Center, Eureka Answers, and Eureka Explorer.

Tim Gasper, vice president of product management at data.world, said, “We know two things to be true. The first is that top-down data governance has failed us. We need a modern, intelligent approach that saves time and is scalable. The second is that machine learning is not a silver bullet. Without context, traditional approaches to automation are often cosmetic, incorrect, and incomplete. Eureka™ is fueled by metadata from our knowledge graph which simplifies the development, discovery, understanding, and use of trusted data products.”

Knowledge graphs are an ideal architectural foundation for data catalogs, delivering value that neither relational databases nor conventional graph datastores can match. A single, semantically organized view of an organization’s data and metadata bridges the gap between how data consumers understand their business worlds and how businesses access and generate their data. By democratizing knowledge graphs, data.world with Eureka™ provides engagement and data literacy by providing a contextual data catalog that is more valuable and dynamic.

Joe Hilleary, a senior analyst at data and analytics research and consulting firm Eckerson Group, said, “The context and semantic understanding provided by a knowledge graph allows for a highly intelligent search experience. Providing that experience without requiring an organization to have deep expertise in knowledge graph development will allow a new swath of businesses to take advantage of this technology.”

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