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Exasol Enhances Capabilities of Its Analytics SaaS Database

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The market-leading high-performance analytics database, Exasol Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) has announced updates to its platform. The scalable, consumption-based SaaS database on Amazon Web Service (AWS) now directly integrates with the cloud-based data-stack platform, Keboola. From data intake to automation, Keboola is the first complete solution for data engineers, data analysts, and analytics engineers. A built-in feature in Exasol’s SaaS interface will link users directly to Keboola. More than 250 connectors are available in the Keboola low-code platform for constructing ETL/ELT and other pipelines, automation, one-click workflows with integrated business case templates, and enterprise-grade data governance throughout the whole stack.

“We believe that by surrounding ourselves with amazing people, we can achieve anything. That’s why we focus on building partnerships that matter. Partnerships with companies that have a similar mindset as we do – empowering everyone to make data-driven decisions. Keboola and Exasol provide great solutions together. We built a simple to use, cost-effective, and easy to maintain Data Stack as a Service while Exasol provides its fast in-memory database that helps customers to get to their solution. Together we will make both the implementation and the queries themselves much faster for shared customers,” stated Milan Veverka, VP of Alliances at Keboola.

A Series of new product capabilities have been introduced by Exasol after the collaboration with Keboola. The customer can easily derive data insights easily without the use of hardware infrastructure. Complex analytics challenges can be easily solved using predictive analytics by directly applying artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to data. Without migrating data, analysts will be able to access objects from external sources. This support will also reduce the requirement for costly duplicate data administration. It will make it easier for consumers to retrieve their data. The Amazon SageMaker enables the Exasol SaaS users to develop end-to-end machine learning projects on data stored in Exasol.

“When it comes to an organization’s data strategy, data leaders are looking for the confidence to modernize with market-proven, enterprise capabilities that offer flexible migration paths – often to the cloud – at a pace and time that fits with budget and resource constraints. The impact of this decision can be profound: affecting costs, the pace of innovation, production releases, marketing penetration, and security, to name just a few. “To address the complex challenges organizations face when looking to garner actionable insight from their data, we announced, in February, the strengthening of our hybrid cloud proposition by making our high-performance analytics database available via Exasol SaaS,” stated Donald Kaye, Chief Commercial Officer at Exasol.

There are two versions of Exasol SaaS. For enterprises with lesser data volumes who don’t require extensive analytics and data integration features or extended support, the Exasol SaaS Standard Edition provides industry-leading performance on-demand. Exasol SaaS Enterprise Edition is designed for enterprises that require multi-departmental analytics systems, need to do machine learning or artificial intelligence in the database, or have sophisticated data integration and virtualization requirements.

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