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Ezra’s New AI Solution Transforms Radiology Reports Into Layman-Friendly Medical Reports

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Ezra, a New York-based start-up that uses full-body MRI scans to revolutionize early cancer screening, has announced the release of its Ezra Reporter, an AI-driven solution that can help medical professionals rapidly translate intricate radiology research results into simple, generally known conditions for patients. Ezra’s new solution reduces the time it takes medical practitioners to analyze radiology results, resulting in cost savings that may be passed on to patients.

Dr. Jake Deutsch, a celebrity doctor in New York, who recently began offering Ezra Scans to his Oakwood patients, said, “The Ezra Report provides a great synopsis for my patients to easily digest their scan results, fostering an easier conversation around their treatment plan. The quick turnaround time, coupled with the simplicity of the report, helps my patients to feel proactive about their long-term health goals at Oakwood.”

This news comes on the heels of Ezra’s meteoric rise to the top of the full-body cancer screening market. The company has already started its ground-breaking complete body MRI screening service in four locations with 16 imaging centers, with intends to increase countrywide in 2022.

Ezra has established a seamless system in which radiology reports are processed, analyzed, and a medical report is generated using its freshly trained machine learning-based software. The patented technology identifies specific findings in a radiology report, maps them to non-technical, understandable translations, and transports the data to be evaluated and validated by medical personnel.

This machine learning (ML) solution uses over a thousand clinical data points from Ezra’s current internal medical provider team to offer translations for the radiology report findings. The result is a non-technical, straightforward medical report that details a patient’s radiological findings from an Ezra full-body MRI scan.

Ezra wants to include artificial intelligence into every part of its screening service, ensuring that all of its members have access to high-quality, democratized care. In radiology, the use of technology reduces the number of unneeded follow-up appointments, long wait times, and unnecessary stress for patients during an already stressful period. With this significant advancement in Ezra’s technology, the company hopes to assist its members to save money and time while also streamlining future care.

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