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Fanplayr Unveils PrivacyID to Address New Privacy Laws

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In its recent announcement, Fanplayr, a global leader in behavioral personalization, artificial intelligence (AI), and user privacy, has unveiled a new offering called anonymized user identification solution – PrivacyID.

Rajiv Sunkara, CTO and co-founder of Fanplayr, commented that privacy regulations and data breaches are growing concerns for most businesses. “Consent regulations are evolving and difficult to manage. The changing landscape, unfortunately, has led to less accurate business analytics, reduced ability to identify visitors, and has dialed back some of the developments in user experience. We developed PrivacyID specifically to solve these issues.”

As reported by UNCTD, COVID-19 accelerated the growth of e-commerce in which more businesses are being conducted online than ever before, including the exchange of sensitive data. With data breaches continuing, Web users are increasingly concerned about their privacy. As part of its ongoing effort to eliminate third-party cookies, Google continues to phase them out, making it more challenging for advertisers to track web users. Additionally, companies are required to abide by laws that outline users’ privacy rights and the penalties for violating them.

Fanplayr’s proprietary solution, PrivacyID, protects users’ data by assigning unique identifiers and anonymizing information so that the information collected can be accessed by customers without breaking privacy regulations or compromising user security.

Simon Yencken, CEO and co-founder of Fanplayr, said, “After more than a decade of providing personalization and artificial intelligence solutions to our customers, we’re confident PrivacyID will solve some of the pain points that have evolved with recent changes in regulations. Our primary objective is to allow our customers to move forward with the advancements we’ve made in user experience and sales conversion while maintaining the utmost integrity of their user data.”

PrivacyID’s technology enables seamless integration with third-party services, granting providers of third-party services access to anonymized information while ensuring data is protected so that integration is uninterrupted. Users’ data is continuously collected through their interactions with websites and third-party services such as SMS and email. An administrative dashboard makes it easier to manage access to resources for both employees and third parties.

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