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Faye Collaborates with Boost.ai to Elevate Customer Experience

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Faye, a leading provider of integrated customer experience solutions, recently partnered with a conversational Artificial Intelligence (AI) provider, boost.ai. This collaboration is aimed at enhancing customer experience with powerful AI and data collection. Following this integration, both the companies will work together to develop data-rich intelligent automation for customers in order to allow a digital-first experience across the entire ecosystem.

Faye and boost.ai aim to offer the foundation for digital success at a time when businesses and customers are both struggling to keep up with the pace of change and developing technology. This unique pairing of advanced conversational AI and complex CX integration tools will improve every step of the customer journey, from initial inquiry to service team resolution of a support case.

Faye sets the standard for CX services, solutions, and support as the Zendesk Vertical Solutions Partner of 2022 and a SugarCRM Elite Partner. Following its partnership with boost.ai, both the companies intend to provide an unmatched customer experience solution.

Conversational AI is becoming more and more popular among customer and employee-centric businesses as a way to distinguish customer and employee engagement experience and make it proactive, effective, scalable, and accessible. Companies can now fully utilize Zendesk’s capabilities and increase demand for internal support requests for IT and HR by using the appropriate AI.

Sarah Hurd, VP of Product & Marketing at Faye, said, “At Faye, we’re passionate about helping our clients develop enriching customer experiences. By partnering with Boost.ai, we are able to provide our clients with cutting-edge AI products that will take their customer experience to the next level. We are thrilled about the partnership with Boost.ai because of their ground-breaking product innovation and exceptionally talented team.”


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