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Fetch.ai Announces the Release of DabbaFlow

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Fetch.ai, a decentralized machine learning platform based on a distributed ledger, recently launched a file sharing and data management platform, DabbaFlow. This readymade and end-to-end encrypted file-sharing system is designed to help businesses and organizations control their data in a private and secure manner.

Fetch.ai is an adaptive and self-organizing smart ledger and a next-generation protocol that allows autonomous economic agents to perform proactive economic activities in a digital world. It helps in creating personalized experiences with intelligent automation while preserving user data.

In order to guarantee the privacy preservation of all sensitive data transmitted on its rails, DabbaFlow will make use of the advantages of Fetch.ai blockchain. It will make sure that all the data transmitted through the device is secure and auditable in order to help companies in preserving and defending their brand reputation.

Humayun Sheikh, Founder, and CEO of Fetch.ai, said, “If data is the new oil, we need rigs and refineries that keep up with the times. People are beginning to understand how valuable their data is. With the paradigm-shifting towards more secure and decentralized solutions, new business models are emerging. DabbaFlow is here to provide the data management tools to create powerful AI models that are relevant to a distributed web.”

While maintaining privacy and security, DabbaFlow will offer numerous levels of encryption, great performance, and end-user control. Along with providing a file transfer method, the tool will give Fetch.ai’s CoLearn a trustworthy, auditable data layer with strong controls. This provision will make it simpler for clients to engage with machine learning models and use data for more in-depth research. According to Fetch.ai creators, this product is their first step in attaining their goal of linking artificial intelligence (AI) with web3.


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