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First Human-Centered AI Platform From VIANAI Systems

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Vianai Systems, a human-centric AI software firm, has released the Vian H+AI Platform, which enables enterprise-wide, automated deployment, management, and governance of ML models. With its human-centric approach and advanced AI capabilities, the Vian H+AI Platform addresses and removes the barriers currently preventing the wide adoption of AI in business environments. The lack of trust, transparency, and governance of AI models in their entire lifecycles, combined with the skyrocketing cost of infrastructure, resulted in a significant delay in time to value – preventing enterprises from realizing the full economic benefits of AI.

Dr. Vishal Sikka, Founder & CEO, of Vianai Systems, said, “Over the last three years, we have worked with dozens of the world’s largest and most respected companies, to learn the needs of businesses that AI must serve. Our H+AI platform marries those business needs with our advanced technical work, using the power of design thinking, and the result is several breakthroughs that create a new category of AI capabilities. Capabilities that early enterprise AI tools simply do not have. Our platform delivers AI that is high-performance, low-footprint, and cloud-agonistic, and at the same time, transparent, reliable, and manageable across the lifespan of data, business activities, and models, at global scale. We are now bringing this new class of AI capabilities, via our powerful platform and the extraordinary business benefits that our early customers have seen, to all enterprises.”

Vian MLOps for managing, optimizing, deploying, and regulating ML models for production at scale is the initial set of capabilities offered under the Vian H+AI Platform. The Vian H+AI MLOps Platform enables data scientists, MLOps engineers, and risk auditors to collaborate across the AI workflow to operationalize and maintain models in a continuous lifecycle throughout time. Even on commodity hardware, Vian Performance Optimization within the Platform greatly enhances model performance and throughput. Furthermore, the Vian H+AI MLOps Platform’s open, the modular architecture enables MLOps teams to effortlessly exploit the Platform’s whole end-to-end capabilities or just use components of it to construct a truly tailored solution to match their individual needs.

Enterprises can now build human-centered AI systems on the foundation of the Vian H+AI MLOps Platform. Using a combination of open-source tools, Vian-proprietary techniques and optimizations, and a human-centric approach, the Platform provides AI to enterprises at scale across a wide range of industries. Through the Vian H+AI MLOps Platform, enterprises can increase model performance with maximum flexibility, without compromising on costs, and as a result have an end-to-end lifecycle management platform that monitors for risks like drift, uncertainty, bias, and explainability and seamlessly retrains models when and if necessary.

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