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First Omnichannel Advertising Technology By Model B – Blueprint

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An emerging technology company, Model B, announced the release of Blueprint, a proprietary Omnichannel marketing platform. The company was built to address systemic issues through the marketplace. This tool integrates five different parts of the ad buying, buying, and analytics landscape, lowering the cost of using tech licenses, effort, and money.

Todd Silverstein, President of Model B, said, “Most media planning and optimization tools were designed for a simpler time when cookies ran rampant, and the walled gardens weren’t quite as high. Blueprint is the only technology that marries sophisticated analytics and machine learning with automation that ensures the level of campaign setup necessary to generate meaningful data and business intelligence. Our platform simplifies everything and allows marketers to see exactly what’s moving the needle for their campaigns. It’s the Holy Grail for the modern CMO.”

Model B aims to offer a platform that allows large companies to thrive, while also easing the growth process for small businesses. With Blueprint’s end-to-end workflow capabilities and powerful planning, buying, and analytics features, brands can finally get rid of their agencies. The hybrid model B, on the other hand, provides full-service agency support during onboarding, as well as a timeline for moving away from the company’s resources, so the end-user can bring their media buying in-house without disrupting the existing workflow.

In addition to reducing the amount of media planners, buyers, data scientists, and operations staff required to understand what messaging to use, and which channel delivers the best results, Blueprint’s proprietary data architecture and modeling approach identify the best channels and platforms to use. By using structured machine learning, Blueprint provides simple and digestible reporting for all of its users, giving them an understanding of the performance of their campaigns. With this platform, marketers are retrained to think about their audience and content more strategically.

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