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First Orion Collaborates with CX Effect to Improve Customer Experience

First Orion Collaborates with CX Effect to Improve Customer Experience
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First Orion, a global provider of digital call experiences, recently partnered with a customer experience-focussed technology outfitter, CX Effect.

Following this partnership, CX Effect will offer customers First Orion’s Branded Communication tools, INFORM® and ENGAGE®, in order to help businesses brand their calls and keep them from being blocked or labelled as scams.

Andrew Pryfogle, Founder and CEO of CX Effect, said, “Branded communication technology is drastically changing how businesses engage with their customers via the phone channel, and we’re thrilled to add the leading provider of this disruptive technology to our roster. Organizations across all industries have felt the effects of consumers ignoring their calls, and Branded Communication presents an experience that increases customer engagement.”

Due to the widespread use of unlawful robocalls, people have become accustomed to ignoring calls from unknown phone numbers, because of which businesses find it more difficult to reach their target market. Based on measurable, confidential data on scam calls, First Orion calculates that during the first half of 2022, U.S. mobile users received over 100 billion scam calls. According to this, there will be over 80 million successful scam attempts, resulting in $40 billion in total financial losses. By enabling businesses to display the company name, logo, department, and call reason on the call recipient’s mobile device, both during the call and in the call log afterwards, First Orion’s Branded Communication products, ENGAGE and INFORM, assist businesses in overcoming some of these problems.

Additionally, First Orion offers organizations thorough brand communication campaign analytics in the market. Businesses can analyze the strengths and weaknesses of their calling programs and compare data between them using advanced metrics like Call Duration Buckets and Program Comparison to better understand why some programs are successful or unsuccessful.

“Branded Communication is an enterprise-wide technology that can immediately increase the engagement rate between businesses and customers. We’ve been met with an overwhelming amount of enthusiasm from our partners since launching our Partner Prime Program earlier this year, which has led to a wide adoption of our Branded Communication technology”, said Nick Andrews, Director of Channel Sales and Partnerships at First Orion.

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