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Fivetran Announces the Release of Metadata API

Fivetran Announces the Release of Metadata API
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Fivetran, a leading provider of automated data integration, recently introduced its Metadata API to allow enterprises to use data catalogs to trace the history of data in order to adhere to strict compliance regulations and give teams around the world secure access to critical information. Metadata API will allow the tracking of data “in-flight” from source to destination as it passes through Fivetran-managed pipelines.

In order to give data teams more control over who has access to data, customers can integrate with governance and observability solutions using this additional visibility. The Fivetran Metadata API enables automatic data governance while also giving data stewards, security teams, and data engineering teams the visibility they need to determine where the data originated from, who had access to it, and what changes had been made in the pipeline.

“Every enterprise knows it must be data-driven, but traditional data governance has been a barrier with manual processes and reactive enforcement of policies. That’s not a scalable approach, especially as data infrastructure grows to thousands of pipelines. With Metadata API, our customers get out-of-the-box data governance automations and data quality workflows so they can proactively identify and take action on governance issues before they become a problem. Our automated in-flight approach enables data access at scale without increasing risk to the business”, said Fraser Harris, VP of Product at Fivetran.

The Fivetran Metadata API supports the value of investments made in data catalogs and data quality solutions while assisting businesses in meeting compliance obligations. It integrates seamlessly into existing privacy and security plans.

Using Metadata API, data analysts will be able to obtain a solid understanding of where their data is coming from and run impact analyses on it. Legal and security teams will be able to carry out security audits and make sure that the transferred data comply with organizational rules. Additionally, data engineers and architects will be able to comprehend changes to upstream schema and make sure that downstream processes are updated.

Sanjeev Mohan, former research vice president at Gartner, said, “Fivetran’s Metadata API solves a major gap in extracting data from operational systems into modern analytical systems by delivering the much-needed context. The availability of the Metadata API will accelerate development of reliable and secure data-intensive applications by exposing lineage, impact analysis, and security and privacy aspects,”


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