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Flueid and FirstClose Merge to Give Quicker Title Decisions and Simpler Closings for Home Equity Lending

Flueid and FirstClose Merge to Give Quicker Title Decisions and Simpler Closings for Home Equity Lending
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Flueid, a provider of real estate technology that powers transactions from beginning to end with title data and insights, has announced a partnership with FirstClose, Inc., a fintech service provider for home equity lenders. By reducing transaction timescales from weeks to as little as five days, the integration will quicken the home equity financing process and enable a smooth end-to-end customer experience (CX).

As a result of the integration, lenders can examine title and other important data insights at the beginning of the loan by using Flueid Decision, the company\’s title information, and the decision-making platform. It is offered on FirstClose’s digital platform for lending home equity. Lenders can determine right away whether a deal can close with no concerns for title surfacing during the loan approval. If there are concerns, lenders can establish how to address them effectively for a quicker closing, with this intelligent solution. Under FirstClose Equity, lenders can decide on the process and staffing that will be the most productive, assess insurance choices, and acquire the accompanying insurable property report.

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer at FirstClose, Tedd Smith said, “We are very excited about the enhancements this integration will add to the exceptional customer experience that we are already delivering. The integration leverages the combined strengths of both our companies’ respective core technologies to deliver a faster end-to-end closing experience like that of other digital transactions.”

FirstClose Equity is a novel equity solution that enhances borrowers\’ overall customer satisfaction by lowering operational touchpoints. The full-service platform has a borrower-facing point-of-sale option that provides consumers with rapid online feedback on the value of their homes, alternatives for home equity loans, and quick credit approvals. As a result of the integration of FirstClose\’s data and processing solutions with Flueid\’s decision-making capabilities, lenders are now able to originate and complete loans in just a few days while saving money and streamlining procedures.

Flueid\’s goal is to make the inflexible real estate business more user-friendly by providing insights and title data to transactions to help them smoothly go from beginning to end. To support decision-making across industry sectors in real estate, the company\’s independent, proprietary SaaS platform unveils data and integrates it into the core OS of point-of-sale (POS) platforms, title production systems (TPS), lender operating systems (LOS), servicing platforms, and marketplaces. Flueid is focused on developing solutions that can make data more easily accessible and communication more streamlined across the real estate process for an improved consumer experience and a consistent transaction every time. Flueid is purposefully positioned at the crossroads of insurtech, proptech, and fintech.

“FirstClose and Flueid are both pioneers revolutionizing the home equity lending process and, by adding transaction decisions and title data to the start of a lender’s workflow, we can ultimately deliver a more simplified transaction experience for consumers,” explained Peter Richter, Co-Founder and President at Flueid. He added, “The synergies between our technologies make for a very organic integration: Our upfront title decision with FirstClose’s data and workflow solutions are helping lenders reimagine current processes, optimizing them for the future to drive down home equity transaction timelines to just days in a world where time is money.”


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