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Flytxt Accelerator Maximizes Lyca Mobile’s Customer Life-time Value

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Lyca Mobile, a leading mobile virtual network operator (MVNO), has decided to employ Flytxt’s AI-powered customer value management accelerator to extract actionable insights for their in-house salesforce solutions. Lyca Mobile had previously released its Salesforce solution with the aim of unifying customer data on multiple channels to provide seamless, personalized customer experience.

Lyca Mobile offers quality connectivity, in the form of easy value data, calls and minutes, to approximately 16 million customers across the globe in the international prepaid mobile calls market. Flytxt specializes in marketing automation, AI technologies, and advanced analytics and provides customer lifetime value (CLTV) maximization solutions to digital enterprises and customer experience platform vendors.

The incorporation of Flytxt’s customer value management accelerator within Lyca Mobile’s salesforce solution would help in integrating purpose-driven AI with customer experience platform through standard application programming interfaces (APIs). The Flytxt accelerator would provide real-world patterns and insights to enhance the customer life-time value of Lyca Mobile’s customers.

Dr Vinod Vasudevan, CEO of Flytxt, commented, “Communications Service Providers have a wealth of data yet often lack the necessary technology for powering data-driven decisions that maximize CLTV – a critical KPI for all subscription and usage-based businesses. CVM accelerator uses proven and well-trained AI to achieve this. We are delighted to support Lyca Mobile through our unique solution, which will help them significantly boost the outcomes of their CX initiatives.”

Lyca Mobile has decided to deploy Flytxt’s accelerator across their seven largest markets- France, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, Germany, US, and UK. Lyca Mobile is confident that by enhancing their customers’ experiences, they would be able to grow and increase their average revenue per user (ARPU) significantly.

“We wish to place customers and digital capabilities at the center of our business strategy as we enter the next phase of our ambitious growth journey. Flytxt, with its pioneering AI solutions, is a perfect partner for Lyca Mobile to better understand customers’ needs and deliver high quality experiences”, said Jogan Satkunanathan, Chief of Pricing and Product Management at Lyca Mobile.

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