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Flywheel.io Announces the Release of Two New Products to its Product Suite

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Flywheel.io, a leading biomedical research data platform, launched two new products to enhance clinical research and clinical trials data management. These solutions are aimed at helping researchers with new ways to simplify clinical trials, as well as identify patient cohorts and conduct enterprise-
scale data analysis.

Flywheel is a ground-breaking platform for managing research data that drives healthcare innovation by fostering collaboration, enabling machine learning, and automating the laborious process of data aggregation, curation, and management. Flywheel’s data management system, Flywheel Trial Flow, can be used for managing and ingesting trial data in a compliant manner. Researchers can use it to collect, organize, and quantify imaging and related data for clinical trials and other legal research quickly and securely. Trial Flow provides researchers with tools for image processing, routine automation, clinical data integration, site query processes, file capture and verification, and thorough audit trails across all data elements and user actions.

Furthermore, its new solution for the enterprise-scale discovery of cohorts and analysis, Flywheel Discovery, is aimed at helping researchers create de-identified cohorts and export data for further research processes. It integrates directly with enterprise PACS and clinical reporting systems to index clinical reports and DICOM metadata, building a database of searchable data and facilitating quick identification of patient cohorts and trend analysis across the imaging organization.

Jim Olson, CEO of Flywheel, said, “Our users around the world have come to rely on Flywheel to streamline their data management so they can focus their research time on making breakthroughs. We’re proud to expand our capabilities and enable new types of breakthroughs with Flywheel Trial Flow and Flywheel Discovery. With powerful tools for cohort discovery and clinical trial data management, researchers can accelerate their work and bring healthcare innovations to the world faster.”

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