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Fobi and Barnet Technologies Collaborates to Deliver Digital Loyalty

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AI-based real-time data analytics provider, Fobi partners with Barnet Technologies. Organizations in the fields of sales operation, customer control systems, compliance reporting, provincial government ordering, and multi-store operations use the services of Barnet Technologies. A reliable, user-friendly, and economical solution has been developed with the help of a hybrid cloud computing approach.

A digital loyalty program has been integrated into the company’s new solution that enables users to download a wallet pass that provides certain rewards from the retailers. It will also enable age verification through the Wallet Pass, which is extremely important for the hospitality industry.

“This partnership will deliver a significant win-win for both organizations as we share several verticals that we are targeting with our integrated and transformative software solutions,” said Rob Anson, Fobi CEO. “The synergies between the two organizations and the target verticals align very well, and we are looking forward to going to market together with these joint solutions.”

The Barnet provides service to those in the fields of liquor, cannabis, grocery, convenience, and foodservice. The recent integration of Barnet with BCLC government paynow members enables them to install food and liquor outlets in local casinos.

“Mobile wallet adoption has grown immensely over the past two years, and I have witnessed first-hand the accelerated growth of our clients’ business needs in terms of digital transformation. Our goal is always to offer affordable solutions that integrate with existing systems to improve the overall customer experience,” said Nick Ricci, President of Barnet Technologies. “Our partnership with Fobi underscores our mission to help customers future-proof their business with technology that addresses today’s needs but more importantly transitions and positions them for success in facing tomorrow’s business challenges. “