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Fobi Introduced Platform as a Service (PaaS) Revenue Model

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Fobi AI Inc., a Canada-based pioneer in using artificial intelligence to provide real-time data analytics to boost operational effectiveness and profitability, has unveiled a new digital and content marketing agency to go along with the introduction of their platform as a service model. Customers will receive managed services for Fobi’s multiple Pass Pro and Wallet pass solutions, as well as coupon marketing, through the platform as a service (PaaS) approach.

Ian Cameron, VP of Marketing, Fobi, stated, “This launch is well-timed given the current labour shortages and technology proliferation which can make it difficult to adopt and manage new technologies. Businesses are eager and ready to take advantage of the latest technologies, but they often lack the resources and the manpower. That was the premise for the creation of Fobi’s Digital Managed Services team which provides clients with the latest tools, strategies, and execution needed to be successful online and offline. Thanks to the demand for these managed services the company has already acquired clients across every managed service category which all have high profitability rates built into the services model. We’ve helped clients optimize their utilization of our technologies, from wallet pass marketing and coupon marketing to custom development, ensuring our clients are getting the maximum engagement and ROI out of all our platforms. Fobi’s managed services have already enabled clients to digitally transform their business and gain access to measurable insights with significantly less hassle and staffing resources.”

The New Launches from FOBI Allow Businesses to Implement the Latest Technologies and Scale on Demand

With the current labour shortages and the difficulties businesses are having finding talent, we believe the addition of The Fobi Agency will help Fobi develop in a vital area. The Fobi Agency is a full-service digital media and content marketing firm that will work with both current and potential clients to adopt cutting-edge technology and carry out their marketing plans. The new business will provide clients with a wide range of personalised services, including copywriting, graphic design, email marketing, and content planning, in addition to Wallet Pass and Coupon campaigns. The debut coincides perfectly with the introduction of the new digital 8112 standard for Coupon promotions, which will take place this summer.

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