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FORM Acquires ShelfWise For AI-powered Retail Execution

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FORM, a global leading execution platform for enterprise teams, has acquired ShelfWise, a leading image recognition platform that identifies products and prices on retail shelves with artificial intelligence (AI) so brands can receive more accurate store data in real-time. With ShelfWise and FORM, you will be able to collect in-store data more rapidly, more simply, and more reliably. Through computer vision, ShelfWise monitors and analyzes in-store conditions in real-time.

Ali Moosani, CEO of FORM, said, “Adding ShelfWise to our portfolio of best-in-class solutions is a critical development in fulfilling our product vision. As the Digital Assistant for the Frontline, today we are giving field teams more power, more visibility, and more insight than they’ve ever had before.”

ShelfWise uses FORM’s image recognition capabilities to analyze more types of displays than any other technology on the market and offers brands, brokers, distributors, and retailers comprehensive store-level information about products, prices, placement, assortment, and competitor activity. FORM has completed a landmark acquisition that will help it create a world-class platform for frontline workers across Consumer Goods, Beer, Wine and Spirits, Retail, and Restaurant and Hospitality.

ShelfWise co-founders, Tomasz Zietęk, CEO, and Rafał Cycoń, Executive Chairman and Chief Technology Officer shared, “From a product perspective, what’s exciting is the number of dedicated minds we and FORM have to focus on the technology. But what is more exciting is what we can accomplish together from a business perspective. Imagine the incredible outcomes we can create for our customers.”

ShelfWise’s platform enables reps to automatically capture images of products on their mobile devices, eliminating the need for lengthy spreadsheet reports after visits. As reps capture photos, ShelfWise analyses the captured information along with facings, out-of-stocks, shelf share, pricing, and positioning before delivering near real-time insights. The software offers discrepancy reports, image overwriting, photo stitching, and image acceptance, as well as on-device reporting, which reduce audit times by half and improve execution in-store everywhere.

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