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Free Version Of Piwik PRO Launched With Priority On Privacy

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Customer journey analytics platform Piwik PRO introduced a free version of its data analytics platform for professionals and beginners. Piwik PRO Core plan helps organizations to analyze customer journey adhering to data privacy rules.

“Data leaks and careless data collection in recent years have eroded the trust of far too many consumers when they are online—which is just about always,” said Maciej Zawadziński, the founder and CEO of Piwik PRO. “Our feature-rich platform helps introduce and expand trust between those collecting data and those who own the data—the individual consumer.”

The platform creates a revolution in the field of data analytics by setting privacy standards that their competitors lack. It provides a simple and transparent business model and also provides data collection and reporting features like tag management, user flow, multi-channel attribution, etc. Customer journeys across various industries like healthcare, government, and education can be analyzed with the platform. Organizations can use consumer information needed for promotional activities by staying within the limits of data protection rules.

The platform is designed with a commitment to data protection with the feature of Consent Manager. The feature helps website visitors acquire control over their data. Analytics and tag management are integrated with the suit.

With secure cloud hosting, the platform has full control of data and users will be able to see where data is stored. The information won’t be disclosed to a third party or be transferred.

The data collected won’t be used for commercial use, and they generate revenue by selling enterprise plans. As a start-up from Poland, they have client base in the US and now they have started delivering their free solution.

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