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Gamification and Its Effect on Warehouse Productivity

Intelligent Process Automation, Warehouse Management, Gamification

Modern warehouses are facing major challenges for space utilization, order management, labor management and inventory handling. Order picking is an expensive and labor-intensive activity of warehouse management. Warehouse employees play a vital role in fulfilling customer orders and demands from picking to shipping.

Companies are integrating gamification feature with their warehouse management system (WMS) to monitor the performance of each team member in real-time. This tracking and monitoring enables warehouse associates to set proper operations goals for each employee. If implemented appropriately, gamification will significantly help to achieve a higher level of employee motivation and productivity.


Mobile devices with intuitive interfaces application help in outbound material handling; it automatically generates and displays product pick up list assigned for each worker by a supervisor. These visual displays support workers to accomplish daily warehouse operation in an efficient manner. They enable workers to perform remote operations on the floor with continued communication, provide real-time updates to the managers or supervisors.

Gamification provides feedback on how an individual employee delivers against the expected performance parameters. Organizations are leveraging the gamification approach to drive customer and employee loyalty, long term engagement and enhance overall business productivity.

Gamification from the management viewpoint is a tool which can evaluate the performance of employees in the warehouse environment. It provides visibility and transparency to the manager, for the rapid resolution of productivity issues without relying on analytical tools. Gamification facilitates managers to quickly monitor benchmarks throughout the day, providing individual employee data for in-depth evaluation. Additionally, employees can also analyze themselves and take ownership of enhancing their performance.


Warehouses equipped with gamification will help in fostering robot and human communication in the warehouse synergistically. Businesses will be empowered in creating a secure warehouse and work environment for their employees, constituting unification of human work and automation.