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Gamut Enables Easy and Affordable CTV Ad Creation by Partnering with Waymark

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Solutions-based digital advertising company focused on connecting brands to the audience, Gamut has partnered with artificial intelligence (AI) video creation platform, Waymark. The partnership will enable Gamut to deliver next-generation digital advertising services on a wide scale. 

Gamut provides brand-safe, direct access for advertisers to every DMA\’s relevant audiences and premium CTV video ad inventory. The innovative AI startup Waymark automates video production and provides ready-to-air commercials for any community business in a matter of minutes. By combining their distinct offerings of direct, premium local CTV inventory and cutting-edge creative AI that makes the creation of professional video ads simple, quick, and affordable, the two businesses hope to lower barriers to local advertising. 

“We’re excited about this partnership because it opens the door for more local buyers to access the benefits of CTV advertising. Brands can leverage customized ads to targeted streaming audiences at scale, without the heavy lift and budget of traditional video ad creation. On the other side of the equation, publishers want to provide viewers with sponsored content that feels relevant, tailored, and varied – that’s what local CTV advertising brings, and what we want to enable,” stated Keith Kazerman, President of Gamut. 

In order to meet the growing demand for localized advertising in the TV industry, particularly in CTV, Gamut and Waymark have partnered to provide local advertisers with advanced, comprehensive support. With this announcement, a cutting-edge and potent new option is made available to potential SMB advertisers, enabling them to easily purchase local CTV ads, generate go-to-market-ready creative ad messages, and assess impact all in one location. 

“Together, Gamut and Waymark give content providers and advertisers everything they need to accomplish their mutual goals. Gamut has access to the inventory – and then taps into Waymark to offer that additional layer of video production at scale for local and regional ad partners with our AI-powered creative tools,” stated Alex Persky-Stern, CEO of Waymark. 


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