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GelSight Releases a Human Resolution Tactile Sensor

GelSight Releases a Human Resolution Tactile Sensor
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A leader in tactile intelligence technology, GelSight, recently unveiled the GelSight Mini, a new AI-powered 3D tactile sensor. With a small, user-friendly form factor that is also durable enough to be used by robots and cobots, GelSight Mini is the first product on the commercial market to deliver superhuman touch resolution. In addition, GelSight Mini offers the fastest tactile AI experience currently available, requiring just five minutes to produce results that can be shared right out of the box.

Dennis Lang, vice president of product at GelSight, said, “GelSight Mini is a first-of-its-kind, affordable, and compact tactile sensor with an easy, plug-and-play set up that lets users get to work within five minutes of taking the device out of the box. We believe that GelSight Mini will reduce the barrier of entry into robotics and touch-based scanning for corporate research and development, academics, and hobbyists, while opening doors to new terrain, such as the Metaverse.”

In contrast to other products of a similar nature on the market, GelSight Mini offers roboticists the only human-scale resolution tactile sensor with digital 2D and 3D mapping. The sensor’s spatial resolution surpasses that of human touch, giving researchers instant access to optimal images of material surfaces that are helpful in a variety of fields.

The tactile intelligence technology from GelSight digitizes touch with high-resolution and human-like sensitivity. With the help of ROS, PyTorch, and Python, the data collected by GelSight’s elastomeric tactile sensing platform, users may produce precise, in-depth surface characterizations that are immediately compatible with well-known, industry-standard software environments. By combining this technology with the GelSight Mini, operations in robotics, industrial prototyping, AI, and touch research are improved, allowing for more swift, thoroughly documented surface measuring and high-resolution photography.

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