Pointillist and Exceed.ai have been acquired by Genesys, a global leader in customer experience (CX) orchestration. Exceed.ai, known for its proven intelligent lead activation and conversation engine, and Pointillist, known for its award-winning journey management platform, will expedite how organizations communicate with customers across the marketing, sales, and service lifecycle.

Tony Bates, Genesys CEO and Chairman said, “Consumer loyalty is more difficult to develop and keep than ever before, leading companies to increasingly develop experiences that are a business advantage. With Pointillist and Exceed.ai part of Genesys, our customers will be able to unify, enrich and orchestrate empathetic experiences across marketing, sales and service.”

Consumer demands have given rise to an experience economy in which brand loyalty may be readily swayed. Over the duration of the pandemic, supply chain and staffing constraints exacerbated these issues, with more than a third of consumers switching to new brands.

Pointillist and Exceed.ai, as seamless expansions of Genesys technologies, will help enterprises improve both customer and employee experiences. Organizations can view, analyze, and optimize end-to-end customer journeys at scale and minimize costs to serve by integrating Pointillist. While Exceed.ai Conversational AI will operate as a force multiplier for lead qualifying, nurturing, and follow-up, giving sales and marketing teams more time to focus on the most important activities.