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Genesys AppFoundry Now Offers Mindful – An Omnipresent Engagement App

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Leading providers of customer experience (CX) software, VHT announced that its Mindful advanced queuing technology is now available on Genesys AppFoundry, one of the industry’s largest dedicated marketplaces dedicated to customer experience.

Matt DiMaria, CEO of VHT, said, “As a Genesys AppFoundry partner, VHT works closely with Genesys to help our mutual customers reduce time to value, maximize the return on their investment, and build better customer experiences. Companies that add Mindful to their customer-engagement workflows send a clear signal that they value their customers’ time and are focused on delivering exceptional customer experiences.”

Through AppFoundry, Genesys customers from all market segments can discover and quickly deploy a vast portfolio of solutions that allow them to engage their customers, engage their employees, and optimize their workforce. Mindful is now available on Survey Dynamix, VHT’s cloud-based solution for post-call surveys, which is also available via Genesys AppFoundry.

In addition to enabling Genesys customers to have more control over what they interact with, Mindful also enables brands to:

Conversations with customers can be transitioned between channels – They want you to be considerate of their time, which means they want to be able to text if they can’t speak. If they require additional assistance, they will need to set aside more time. Switching from one mode to another is simple with Mindful.

Make contact with their clients – Every company wants to leave a lasting impression on its clients. While many people take years to improve, many who utilize Mindful experience results in weeks.

Improve their customer service by elevating their agents. The best client experience is frequently preceded by a positive agent encounter. By allowing customers to arrange a callback at a time that is convenient for them and providing agents with customer context to reduce handle times and meet consumers with empathy, Mindful makes for happy agents and efficient calls.

VHT’s Mindful application is now integrated with Genesys Cloud, an all-in-one solution and the world’s top public cloud contact center platform that enables businesses to create better experiences for their customers and workers. Genesys Cloud is a versatile, scalable, and built-for-rapid-innovation platform with a strong feature set and open APIs.

Genesys customers can have their Mindful subscription included on their Genesys invoice because Mindful is a Premium App on the Genesys AppFoundry, which simplifies vendor administration.


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