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Genesys Offers New Capabilities to Enable AI and Automation

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A cloud leader in customer experience orchestration, Genesys® is extending its Cloud CX™ platform with new capabilities to make artificial intelligence (AI)  and automation more accessible, allowing businesses to scale and automate within minutes. With Genesys Predictive Routing, Genesys Web Messaging, and Intent Miner for Bots, companies can build empathetic experiences for customers by engaging them on the right channel, at the right time, and with the right context.

Olivier Jouve, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Genesys Cloud CX, commented on the news, “The explosion in digital interactions over the past year has led to a massive increase in contact center data. Automation is a must for companies looking to scale and grow, but AI has traditionally been out of reach for many businesses. With our turnkey AI solutions, we are transforming the way companies adopt and integrate AI, making it accessible for companies of all sizes.”

The consumer expects more from brands in the digital economy than ever before. Having a seamless and personalized experience with a business should be as easy as interacting with friends and family on social media. It is important for customers to feel valued, heard, and understood. Those companies that cannot demonstrate this level of empathy risk losing their customers’ trust and loyalty.

Empathetic experiences require technologies such as artificial intelligence and automation that understand customers’ intentions and context. The difficulty of implementing AI in many contact centers necessitates high technical and financial investments that include custom data models, data scientists, and professional services, teams.

By integrating Genesys Cloud CX with low-code tools without IT support, companies can now easily integrate AI into their customer experience (CX).

Among the new features are:

  • Call Routing Using Artificial Intelligence: Genesys Predictive Routing offers AI-based routing solutions. The system analyzes hundreds of different data points to match customers with agents who are best suited to handle and resolve their interactions while ensuring a more personalized experience for them. Genesys Predictive Routing delivers results faster than other call routing solutions. It does not require a services engagement either.
  • Bots that are intent-aware: By utilizing speech and text analytics, Dialog Engine’s Intent Miner features can detect customer intent, dramatically improving bot building. The combination of natural language processing (NLP) and business logic allows bots to better understand a customer’s needs and offer a more intuitive self-service experience. Businesses can also build and deliver smarter bots to engage with global customers by offering new multilingual capabilities and knowledge FAQs.
  • Online synchronous messaging:  Genesys Web Messaging takes the standard web chat experience to an entirely new level by putting consumers in control of the conversation pace. Users can leave and return to rich, interactive conversations when they are convenient, and have conversations persist over time without having to retype their request or wait in a queue for a response. Through the integration of AI, businesses can monitor the customer journey in real-time to see if the customer needs help or has questions at the right time.

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