A fully customized, automated platform for consumer insights, getWizer, has partnered with Blackhawk Network Brand, Rybbon. Rybbon’s digital rewards platform is a leading incentive to motivate survey respondent participation and completement. This partnership will enable users of the getWizer platform to easily create a digital rewards program to boost response rates and attract high-quality respondents.

Shani Broner, SVP Global Research at getWizer, said, “This partnership with Rybbon is a perfect fit for getWizer’s mission to take care of all the heavy lifting so insights professionals can focus on what they do best. Within the getWizer platform, thanks to Rybbon, users now have access to an automatic rewards process that can attract high-quality respondents, increase overall response rates, and provide a seamless, real-time reward experience for respondents.”

The Rybbon integration streamlines and accelerates the fulfillment process for rewards on the getWizer platform. With Rybbon, respondents have access to a wide subset of digital gift cards, prepaid cards, and charity donations aligned with the getWizer brand.

Jignesh Shah, Head of Global Integrated Incentives at Blackhawk Network, said, “The addition of Rybbon’s seamless, automated rewards program within the getWizer platform can help boost survey response rates and increase the quality of data captured in surveys. We are focused on helping deliver high-quality, valuable results to getWizer by providing a best-in-class, seamless, hassle-free reward experience to their end-users.”

Customers using getWizer’s Rybbon-powered rewards solution will receive real-time updates on the status of email rewards, rewards choices, and delivery. In addition, unclaimed rewards will be refunded in full. Rybbon’s insights platform integrates with Alchemer’s Customer Experience (CX) platform. getWizer clients can combine Rybbon with Alchemer to provide seamless experiences to their survey respondents.

The partnership allows getWizer to offer a single point of access to consumer insights and research. With an automated reward experience, engagement can be maximized and the need for manual management of incentives can be eliminated.