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GivingDNA Introduces Planned Giving Opportunity Alert

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Donor engagement platform, GivingDNA, improves its analytical capabilities, which gives complete information and segmentation across the donor lifetime. GivingDNA has unveiled its new Planned Giving Opportunity Alerts following the mid-level and major gift dashboard facilities. These new alerts allow non-profit organizations to delve deeper and identify viable donors for planned giving programs by combining proprietary algorithms based on the non-profit’s unique data with demographics, psychographics, charitable giving affinities, giving behavior, as well as communication and channel preferences.

The giving recency and frequency of a donor and other critical information regarding the donor are used along with third-party data like demographic and psychographic indicators. Users can analyze the donor information frequently and monitor the monthly movements of their files. This enables organizations to instantly identify the changes in behavior or profile and alter their plans according to that.

“Prospective donors for planned giving programs are often an untapped audience and developing a targeted strategy is critical to building these relationships,” states Rebecca Gregory Segovia, General Manager of GivingDNA. “GivingDNA’s new Planned Giving opportunity alerts synthesize multiple data points to identify viable donors quickly and easily and empowers fundraisers to strategically engage them and build unique connections. By having highly predictive planned giving data, fundraisers can eliminate the guesswork and develop hyper- targeted campaigns that drive results.”

Solutions are provided by GivingDNA to non-profit organizations that are unable to categorize and implement strategies. The platform also provides critical information that provides opportunities and provides valid information on donors’ health and behavior.

“As in all fundraising, no one donor is alike and the same donor might have a different profile from one nonprofit to another. Donors give to organizations that align with their personal values and beliefs. As a result, their planned gift symbolizes the relationship they’ve cultivated with the cause and their wish to help secure the future of the organization,” states Dawn Galasso, VP of Technology Sales of GivingDNA. “The platform empowers organizations to leverage data to identify those donors with a relevant profile and communicate in a way that aligns to their commitment to creating positive impact.”

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