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Glassbox Adds New Features to its Digital Experience Intelligence Platform

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Glassbox, a leading digital experience analytics platform, recently announced the release of new offerings on its Digital Experience Intelligence (DXI) platform.

Glassbox helps organizations in providing digital customer experience through its digital experience analytics platform. It uses AI-driven visualizations and analytics tools to enhance digital products and customer experience from a single collaborative system.

At its annual conference, DigitalWorld, the company launched the “Voice-of-Customer” (VoC) and “User Timelines” features on its DXI platform. These features were introduced with the purpose of offering a seamless customer experience throughout a customer’s journey by understanding customer requirements and strengthening customer-brand engagements.

According to the latest updates, Glassbox has combined digital experience analytics with VoC to create a single unified platform to ensure quick resolution of customer issues. Through this updated platform, Glassbox intends to take actions based on customer feedback in order to improve customer engagement and build lasting relationships with customers.

Some of the key features of the updated platform are:

• Enhanced customer issue resolution.
• Quantification of issues raised through customer feedback and its impact on all traffic.
• Identification of growth opportunities.
• Experience-driven VoC.

Glassbox CEO Yaron Morgenstern, said, “Our comprehensive approach to digital experience with VoC integration will deliver next level insights to help companies align their business goals with consumers’ needs. At the same time, we value our industry partnerships and will continue to work to provide enterprise level VoC integrations and support for customers with third-party platforms.”

In addition, the “User Timeline” offering will allow users to interact with a customer application that offers high level summary statistics along with per-session data. These insights will help in understanding customer behavior patterns and in obtaining a 360-degree view of customers.

“User Timelines is the first product on the market to aggregate customer experience data and display it from the user perspective. This allows Glassbox customers to understand their users at both a micro and a macro level with the ability to see a summary of all interactions and also drill down into individual sessions. While we continue to expand the offerings on our industry leading DXI platform, each one works in tandem with the other. Customers are presented with a holistic view of their users’ interactions, providing unparalleled insights that drive improved digital experiences and ultimately a larger return on investment”, added Yaron Morgenstern.

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