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Glassbox integrates ChatGPT to provide AI-driven text search for everyone

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Glassbox is a pioneer of digital experience analytics for web and mobile applications and is the first digital customer experience platform (CX) to announce that it is integrating the ground-breaking AI tool ChatGPT into its platform, making customer data and insights more available than ever for Glassbox customers. Along with the robust funnels, path mapping, and reports offered by Glassbox, this integration will make things easier for all Glassbox users worldwide. To put the power of Glassbox customer insights at the fingertips of all users, not just those with training in data analytics, customers will be able to ask questions about business-related topics in their native language and instantly obtain the particular data and insights they requested.

Glassbox enables businesses to design frictionless digital customer journeys. To boost customer loyalty, business growth, and income, our industry-leading digital experience analytics platform operates in real-time across mobile apps and the web. Glassbox gives teams the ability to give priority to improving the digital product experience and customer experience with simple-to-use AI-driven visualization and analytics tools. Numerous businesses have selected Glassbox for simple, safe, and private cloud-based deployments, including Marriott, Discover, Danone, SoFi, and iHeartMedia. These firms utilize Glassbox to comprehend user difficulties, visualize customer journeys, and improve every step.

“In a world where data is king and understanding your customers’ digital experience is paramount, the integration of ChatGPT into Glassbox will allow everyone in a business, regardless of their level of data fluency, to get specific and relevant data in seconds,” said Yaron Gueta, Glassbox CTO. “ChatGPT and bots are an amazing technology that continues to improve, but we believe that the human voice is necessary to complete the picture. Combining Glassbox and ChatGPT achieves the right balance to provide easy access to data as well as detailed insights that our customers rely on.”

For applications involving natural language processing, such as text production and language translation, OpenAI created the ChatGPT big language model. The capacity of ChatGPT to produce text responses that resemble human responses to prompts is one of its primary advantages. As a result, it may be applied to a variety of tasks, including developing chatbots for customer support, generating answers to inquiries in online forums, and even producing customized content for social media posts.

“We are always on the lookout for new technology that can increase our customers’ experience with Glassbox and the business value they gain from using our solution,” said Glassbox CEO Yaron Morgenstern. “Gone are the days of asking a data insights manager to manipulate queries and data sets to get the information you need. Now users across business units will be able to ask a business question in their native language and receive the correct information back.”

Glassbox is constantly enhancing its array of solutions, including the digital experience for its clients, and is consistently rated as the top CX vendor by customers. After the introduction of the Voice of the Customer solution and User Timelines last year, along with Glassbox\’s distinctive tagless approach, which gathers the most comprehensive customer experience data, ChatGPT will further put potentially unmatched insights at Glassbox customers\’ fingertips like never before.

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