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Globelink Picks RPA Labs to Automate Document Processes

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Globlink announced it had selected RPA Labs to automate document processing, which should increase customer satisfaction and save time. Each shipment needed to be manually separated, extracted and indexed into Globelink’s ERP system by Globelink’s customer support team.

Daniel Tok, CEO of Globelink, said, “With our continued growth and expansive network of more than 100 offices in 32 countries, implementing automation for some of our biggest challenges became a focal point. With hundreds of thousands of documents coming in and out of our system every year, we knew that’s where we needed to focus our attention.”

“We’re excited to see how RPA Flow not only improves our business operations but enhances our customer experience,” said Tok. “In today’s digital world, it’s no longer an option to not have some level of automation in place.”

Globelink used RPA Flow to divide, recover, and filter documents into their system automatically. A PDF containing a master bill of lading (MBL), house bill of lading (HBL), carrier invoices, and debit and credit notes is normally received when a delivery is completed. RPA Flow separates the PDF into the appropriate document type, extracts the text, and changes the needed fields in Globelink’s ERP system in real-time. The entire process is carried out without the need for humans, eliminating the requirement for manual processing, and improving data entry accuracy.

Tejaswini Manjunath, Integration Manager at RPA Labs, said, “Manual document processing sees a staggering error rate of five percent or higher. Automating these processes ensures a drastic reduction in errors, and these hidden savings add up.”

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