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Gnani.ai Enhances Customer Service Experience through its AI-Powered Platform

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Gnani.ai, artificial intelligence (AI)-based technology company, has announced the launch of Assist365, a powerful customer service platform that empowers agents to deliver fast and accurate responses to customer inquiries. The platform leverages the latest AI and natural language processing (NLP) techniques to understand the intent behind customer queries and provide relevant and personalized responses in real-time. 

 Assist365 is specifically designed to help customer service agents gain a competitive advantage by improving their productivity and efficiency. The platform’s advanced natural language processing capabilities enable agents to understand and respond to customer queries in a way that is both accurate and human-like. This not only improves customer satisfaction but also helps agents to handle more queries in less time, resulting in significant cost savings for businesses. 

 Assist365 also includes a wide range of features that help agents to deliver a more personalized customer experience. For example, the platform’s sentiment analysis capabilities enable agents to understand the tone and emotion behind customer queries, allowing them to provide more empathetic and appropriate responses. Additionally, Assist365 integrates with a variety of third-party systems, including CRM and ticketing systems, to provide agents with a 360-degree view of the customer, making it easier for them to deliver a personalized experience. 

 “We are very excited to launch Assist365 and continue to provide companies with the ultimate Agent Assist solution. Customer service centers are widely viewed as a low-cost way to handle customer inquiries, but the current model is broken with low customer satisfaction, high agent attrition and low employee morale. It’s time that brands begin looking at these centers as a competitive advantage, as it’s the backbone to providing an unparalleled customer experience. With Assist365, we’re helping customer service agents provide the right information in a more efficient manner, decrease average handling time, and ultimately, create an environment that brands can leverage to increase customer loyalty and satisfaction,” stated Ananth Nagaraj, CTO and Co-founder at Gnani.ai. 

 In addition to its advanced AI capabilities, Assist365 also includes a range of tools to help businesses to manage and monitor their customer service operations. For example, the platform includes a dashboard that provides real-time insights into agent performance, enabling businesses to identify and address any issues quickly and effectively. 

 Gnani.ai’s Assist365 is a powerful customer service platform that empowers agents to deliver fast and accurate responses to customer inquiries, while also improving the overall customer experience. With its advanced AI and NLP capabilities, businesses of all sizes can improve their customer service capabilities and gain a competitive advantage in the market. 

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