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Goji and PAR Technology’s Punchh Partners to Deliver Seamless Ordering Experience

Goji and PAR Technology
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Self-ordering and Kiosk technology experts, Goji Systems, and loyalty and engagement platform from PAR Technology, Punchh have entered into a partnership. The partnership will enable Goji Systems to provide loyalty integration to their self-ordering systems.

“We are thrilled to expand our partnership with the PAR suite of products and are particularly proud of our most recent integration with Punchh. Goji Systems’ mission is to be the most trusted name in the industry and to provide cutting-edge products backed by an industry-leading service team that improves the restaurant’s ability to provide their guests with the best possible experience. Integrated loyalty brings our customer experience vision into even clearer focus,” stated Joseph S. Hwang, CEO of Goji Systems.

Customers of PAR’s were able to make use of Goji Systems enterprise self-order kiosks after the integration with PAR’s Brink POS Software in 2019. Restaurants can able to deliver a better customer experience to consumers through the integration of Punchh by providing a quicker, simpler, and more convenient way to use their loyalty rewards while placing an order through self-ordering kiosks. The integration with Goji Systems will benefit Punchh customers by enhancing the digital experience through the adoption of the kiosk and can also improve the convenience of guests, increase profits, and bridge the labor gaps.

Don Wight, President and General Manager of Punchh, stated, “In today’s day and age, brands can’t afford to have the right technology in place to streamline operations, one that is fully integrated to create a unified tech stack. With the demand for customer convenience growing, partnering with Goji Systems adds another level of value to customers when implementing loyalty on their self-ordering devices.”

Punchh customers can use enterprise self-order kiosks through Goji Systems, which is certified and fully integrated with the loyalty and engagement solutions of the Punchh suite. Customers will be provided with a quicker, easier, and unique in-store ordering experience and more focus can be given to delivering a better customer experience by reallocating more labor sources using Goji Systems.

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