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Goodcall and Wix Transforms On-call Support with Powerful AI Phone Assistant

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Goodcall, an Conversational AI platform that enables restaurants, shops, and merchants to interact with their customers, announced a partnership with Wix, a leading global SaaS platform for building an online presence. Using Goodcall’s 24/7 phone assistant, businesses in the U.S. can now manage their call volume better and improve customer service.

Bob Summers, CEO and founder of Goodcall, said, “Our partnership with Wix brings a new layer of sophistication for small businesses and local merchants who are still struggling with missed calls and looking to build back better post-pandemic. We give short-staffed businesses a way to take advantage of all the inbound opportunities – whether that’s for a large order or simply being responsive to a customer inquiry. Now owners and employees get time back in their day to focus on customers’ needs, instead of answering phones and dealing with annoying telemarketers and spam.”

Goodcall’s platform, born out of Google, is offered on the Wix App Marketplace, which is tailored specifically for Wix users. By using the free local phone number and conversational AI technology, they are able to simplify the complex process of developing and managing conversational technology. Wix users will benefit from this app, since Wix is a platform used by almost everywhere, from self-created websites to fitness instructors, restaurants, and eCommerce merchants.

Ronny Elkayam, SVP Mobile, App Market, and Strategic Products at Wix, said, “Partnering with Goodcall provides business owners with a unique tool that strengthens customer relations and maximizes productivity which can ultimately boost revenue. We’re always searching for partners who share a vision to equip small businesses with the tools they need to succeed. The latest offering is game-changing for businesses that struggle with large call volumes and complements our platform, where they can manage their business from one central place online.”

Goodcall’s integration offers users the following features:

New Store Hours: Automatically updates all business listings (including Yelp, Facebook, Google, & Wix) when special store hours occur.

Call Recording and Playback: Businesses can now send owners text messages, and they can also access recordings and transcripts

Spam Bot Stopper: Conversational AI identifies and stops spambots, reducing the risk of fraud and telemarketer spam in user’s inbox.

Customized Skill Store: Owners of businesses such as hair salons, retail shops, and restaurants can develop and add their own abilities to fulfil a caller’s specific requirements, such as accepting messages and answering common queries, as well as delivering SMS links to food ordering, table reservations, and other services.


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