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Gorilla Technology Group to Announce Acquisition of SeeQuestor

Gorilla Technology Group to Announce Acquisition of SeeQuestor
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Gorilla Technology Group, a leading provider of video intelligence and IoT technology, will acquire SeeQuestor, a global provider of video analytics technology. This all-stock deal is subject to regulatory approvals, customary completion conditions, and majority shareholder approval. This deal will accelerate Gorilla\’s plan to build an industry-leading business that specializes in advanced AI video analytics for security and surveillance with unmatched capabilities, a robust product line, and a promising pipeline.

Founded in 2014 and based in UK, SeeQuestor supplies automated video post-event analysis to support domestic police investigations. The company has created powerful video analytics technology. SeeQuestor\’s global clientele includes the United Kingdom, Canada, the Middle East, and South-East Asia. Its main real-time video analytics software allows law enforcement and security firms to automatically monitor thousands of cameras on a single platform. Their approach aids in the identification of faces, bodies, dangers, objects, and vehicles and delivers real-time notifications, allowing security and surveillance businesses to operate more quickly and create a safer environment.

“This acquisition perfectly aligns with our strategy and vision, as SeeQuestor is an exciting addition to our existing technology portfolio. With extensive expertise and advanced video analytics technology, SeeQuestor will further enhance our AI analytics and security convergence solutions. Their technological know-how and uniqueness have allowed it to develop highly innovative and competitive solutions for their clients. We believe SeeQuestor’s strong technology team and product offering will help us to compete more effectively against larger global providers. This deal takes us one step closer to becoming the platform service provider of choice, for edge AI and IT/OT Security Convergence”, Jay Chandan, Chairman & CEO, Gorilla.

This acquisition will propel Gorilla up the value chain of the video analytics market, making it one of the top international suppliers of cutting-edge AI-based video analytics solutions for increased security and safety. The technology of SeeQuestor will enhance the real-time data collection and analysis capabilities of Gorilla\’s edge AI. Following this acquisition, the united company can provide more integrated services, giving it a competitive advantage against bigger providers.

Thibaud Weick, CEO, SeeQuestor, said, “This announcement marks the beginning of a new and exciting chapter for SeeQuestor. We will be even better positioned to accelerate product development and expand our offering for the benefit of the broader market, now that we are part of a leading-edge AI security technology provider that is publicly traded on a major U.S. stock exchange.”

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