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Gowid and QueryPie Collaborates to Enhance Data Governance

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Gowid, a rapidly growing fintech start-up in Korea, announced partnership with QueryPie, an enterprise data governance platform. The purpose of this collaboration is to integrate data governance measures and to protect user information. With this partnership, Gowid intends to utilize QueryPie’s services to enhance its data governance while complying with global privacy regulation standards.

QueryPie helps organizations secure and streamline data access from any place. It provides centralized data access and privacy control across cloud and helps organizations strengthen their data security. Corporate credit card start-up, Gowid, helps start-ups accelerate growth and reduce IT expenses by offering corporate credit cards, rewards, SaaS discounts etc. Owing to its rapid expansion, the company has to now deal with huge volume of personal user data. To safeguard and protect user privacy and enhance security, it is critical that a solid data governance architecture is implemented. QueryPie caters to this need and helps Gowid govern data while maintaining scalability and integrity.

Kim Hang-ki, CEO of Gowid, said, “We have witnessed remarkable expansion in recent years. Our objective is to help startups focus on boosting their growth while we handle budget optimization. We provide new ways to reduce IT expenses through corporate credit cards, cost management, and the SaaS Marketplace. QueryPie is assisting us in achieving our vision by strengthening and expanding our hybrid cloud architecture’s data governance and protecting our most valuable asset: the user database.”

By maintaining and safeguarding user database with the help of QueryPie’s services, Gowid will be able to efficiently manage user information while ensuring data protection and security and strengthen its position in the market.

Brank Hwang, CEO of Chequer, commented, “QueryPie is excited to partner with Gowid; they are truly changing the fintech industry. With our flexible, non-evasive, and scalable cloud deployment, we make cloud integration simple, allowing our partners to focus more on their vision of streamlining startup expenses. We provide frictionless adoption through our many deployment environments, such as cloud-native, hybrid cloud, and on-premise data flow architectures.”

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