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GUIDEcx Announces New Product Updates to Enhance Customer Engagement

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GUIDEcx, a leading customer-centric client onboarding and implementation platform, launched new product features to improve customer experience and customer engagement. Its latest product updates are aimed at easing client onboarding processes and delivering enhanced user experience.

Peter Ord, Founder and CEO at GUIDEcx, said, “GUIDEcx is committed to helping people work better together. For this release, we’ve invested in a series of updates and new features, like our Compass Experience, that help our customers work with their customers better.”

The new features include:

• Compass Experience: It offers a personalized customer dashboard with an overview of all tasks. Customers can now examine assignments, and associated deadlines, and point people quickly and easily, thanks to the redesigned, streamlined design, which gathers important data in one place. By eliminating the distractions of conventional project management tools, the personalized Compass makes it simpler for users to participate in and finish specified onboarding tasks. Furthermore, clients now have one click access to their accounts via secure links.

• Task Groups: Task Groups offer more tiers for subtasks and are intended to better manage workflow. These subtasks allow team members or users to organize a bunch of tasks together at a lower level than a milestone while yet maintaining all the characteristics of a standard task, including assignee, dependencies, time tracking, etc. Additionally, task groups enable numerous tasks to be configured as dependencies for one or more tasks in the project. The capacity to bulk modify, duplicate, ungroup, or delete jobs is among the updated features. Furthermore, this new feature sends notifications after a task group is completed.

Jira Integration: Now that custom work can be managed across Jira and GUIDEcx, implementation teams can collaborate with their dev teams to coordinate across platforms. Project managers can now choose which work is transferred from GUIDEcx to Jira and which issues are transferred from Jira to the customer-facing project in GUIDEcx.

Gainsight Integration: Following GUIDEcx’s integration with a leading provider of customer success platform, Gainsight, the company intends to offer personalized and elevated customer experiences.

Roles and Permissions: Administrators now have more choices for roles and permissions, which gives them more project management control. These new roles offer more adaptable permission sets so that the appropriate individuals can access the appropriate resources.

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