HAI ROBOTICS, a global pioneer in autonomous case-handling robotic (ACR) systems for warehouse logistics, has established a strategic agreement with Voyatzoglou Systems, Greece’s intralogistics industry leader, to bring smart warehousing solutions to the Greek and Balkan supply chains. The agreement was the company’s third in Europe, as it continues to expand its presence in the global intralogistics industry.

Kane Luo, Vice President of Sales from HAI ROBOTICS, said that the two parties are expected to complement each other by combining one side’s project operation experience with the localized service network of another. We’re impressed by Voyatzoglou Systems’ local serviceability in the Balkan region. Our rich experience in automation solutions for a wide variety of sectors, from retail to 3PL and manufacturing plants, will be grafted onto local supply chain to improve efficiency and investment returns.”

With its warehousing automation solution, the HAIPICK ACR system, HAI ROBOTICS has received widespread customer recognition, with over 300 projects in China and overseas adopting it. For warehouses looking to maximize their storage space, the technology, which was created independently in 2015, offers flexible deployment and increased efficiency.

The HAIPICK robots, which are equipped with several sensors for integrated positioning, have a control precision of 3mm, allowing for outstanding stability and accuracy in intelligent picking, transportation, auto-navigation, obstacle avoidance, and auto-charging. The HAIPICK robots can continuously feed goods-to-person picking stations by selecting and placing totes or cartons on storage shelves up to ten meters high and carrying up to eight loads. The current forklift robot idea is suitable for a wider range of storage scenarios, such as tyres and trays, where goods are not necessarily maintained in boxes.