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Haptik Introduces AI Agent Assist to Improve Agent Performance and Enhance Customer Service

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A subsidiary of Reliance Jio Platforms, Jio Haptik Technologies Limited, one of the world’s largest conversational AI companies, announced the launch of AI Agent Assist, an AI-powered virtual assistant that empowers agents to resolve queries more efficiently and effectively. AI Agent Assist enables agents to respond to customers faster, more accurately, and more confidently.

Vikram Kamath, Director of Product Management at Haptik, said, “With business value now being defined by customer experience, AI is emerging as a key differentiator that businesses are looking to invest in. AI Agent Assist brings the best of both worlds by offering recommendations to agents which aren’t user-facing, unless the agent approves, making AI Agent Assist the most low-risk path to leverage AI and make contact centers more efficient and productive. By choosing AI Agent Assist, businesses can create ‘Powerful Agents’ equipped with more knowledge and a higher capacity to handle multiple conversations, with the same accuracy, speed, and precision — making them the true heroes of customer experience.”

A majority of live chat agents also need to access multiple systems to find information, affecting resolution times and negatively impacting customer experiences. Through Agent Assist, customer service agents get access to answers that have been recommended by the company’s knowledge base, customer relationship management (CRM) tool, or previous agent responses that have been helpful. The result will be improved efficiency, performance, and most importantly, happy customers, as human agents will have all the information at their fingertips.

The following are some of the key features and benefits:

  • Quicker resolutions with AI suggestions: Haptik’s AI Agent Assist gives agents real-time answers with sentence-level completion to allow them to reply faster and handle multiple interactions at once, decreasing handling time and time to resolution.
  • Agent response times are reduced with powerful integrations: Easy integrations with knowledge management tools and CRM tools and automatic recommendations based on conversational context.
  • A faster onboarding process, less training: Automating training to incorporate real-time learning and guidance by prompting agents with the right answers, easing the burden of straightforward questions, and ensuring that questions will always be answered accurately in the brand’s voice.
  • Integrations out of the box: Haptik supports Zendesk, Salesforce, and Freshworks out of the box

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