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Hawke Media and Junction AI Partner to Motivate Brands

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Hawke Media, a digital marketing agency that is one of the fastest-growing in the country, has partnered with artificial intelligence (AI) start-up Junction AI to encourage brands to audit their return on investment for digital campaigns as advised by their agencies.

Erik Huberman, CEO & Founder of Hawke Media, explained, “Hawke Media was built on the premise that there should be accessibility to great marketing for everyone- but that is not always the case when working with certain agencies, leaving brands disillusioned and untrusting of their experience. This inspired and Vance Reavie (CEO and Founder of Junction AI) to challenge brands to dive deep into their campaign insights to hold these agencies accountable. If it is not working, pivot.”

In addition to analysis of campaign data, performance, and results, Junction AI provides key insights such as the difference between what brands are currently doing and what they should be doing. The fundamental premise behind this type of data assessment is that a brand that understands why something is working will be able to repeat that success time and time for guaranteed results and a growing return on investment.

Junction AI’s Founder and CEO, Vance Reavie, said that brands need answers on what worked and why – it is the only way to grow revenue and reduce ineffective spending. It is their mission, to deliver easily accessible and explainable insights. Their partnership with Hawke Media is a great example of marketing leaders infusing analytics into their workflows and staff development, transforming to a data-first culture. The results given by AI-powered data can drive brands to make educated decisions on whom they spend their money with based on data objectivity.

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