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Health Care AI and ML Applications with Vivalink Biometrics Data Platform

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Vivalink, a leading provider of healthcare technology solutions, is now providing its Biometrics Data Platform to companies creating machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms for healthcare. With Vivalink, algorithm ingestion is made possible with high-quality uninterrupted data streams.

Jiang Li, CEO at Vivalink, said, “Our goal from the beginning was to provide a rapid development and deployment platform for novel healthcare applications and research. We are thrilled to provide a reliable, scalable, and highly efficient tool for companies developing AI algorithms and digital endpoints. Such tools will advance the development of the virtual healthcare community.”

The Vivalink Biometrics Data Platform is also used by other companies for AI solutions, algorithm development, and validation. Among these are RespirAi Medical – a system that detects COPD symptoms early and treats them, LifeBell AI – a system that predicts and treats sepsis, and OK2StandUp – a falling prevention system based on the autonomic nervous system.

The Vivalink Biometrics Data Platform offers the following advantages:

  • Providing continuous, real-time access to high-quality patient data
  • Vivalink’s unique caching and synchronization engine ensures high data integrity even in the face of network disruptions from the patient to the cloud
  • Vivalink’s universal biometric data processor (patent pending) can input raw and processed data to the algorithm.
  • The integrated suite provides models that optimize fit for each person’s physiology.

Jen Baird, CEO of Fifth Eye, said, “The goal of the AHI System is to avert or mitigate patient crises by continuously providing clinicians early awareness of current or predicted hemodynamic instability. The analytics in our system requires a streaming high-quality ECG signal. The Vivalink platform provides the data collection and delivery capabilities that we need in a cost-effective and convenient wearable patch. And that allows hospitals to apply AHI surveillance to every adult patient.”


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