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Health Catalyst Announces Plan to Acquire KPI Ninja

Health Catalyst Announces Plan to Acquire KPI Ninja
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A leader in data and analytics technology and services to healthcare organizations, Health Catalyst, Inc., has announced the acquisition of KPI Ninja, a Lincoln, Nebraska-based population health analytics and interoperability provider.

Dan Burton, CEO of Health Catalyst, said, “KPI Ninja’s powerful and flexible event-driven streaming capability strengthens our ability to offer innovative solutions within the healthcare data and analytics technology ecosystem and our ability to support healthcare organizations on their clinical, financial, and operational improvement journeys. We look forward to welcoming every current KPI Ninja team member to Health Catalyst, and we are committed to supporting, as the top priority, the current team’s efforts to continue to deliver these tremendous solutions, consistently, and without interruption or disruption, to KPI Ninja’s current clients.”

Integrated with a centralized platform, KPI Ninja’s end-to-end technology solution ensures agility while enhancing interoperability and analytic capabilities. With KPI Ninja’s powerful and efficient event-driven data processing capabilities, the company believes customers will be able to build and customize new services, clinical solutions, and operational tools around their core care systems, without having to undergo major refactoring.

Vineeth Yeddula, CEO of KPI Ninja, said, “Both Health Catalyst and KPI Ninja share a common vision of advancing health care through arming health with data-driven insights. By combining our technologies, we make a giant step toward advancing our shared vision. We are grateful to have Health Catalyst’s support as we continue to serve our existing clients, ensuring the delivery of world-class KPI Ninja products and services without interruption, while we continue to expand our footprint and maximize the value we deliver to the industry.”

Health Catalyst hopes that KPI Ninja’s ability to seamlessly ingest, aggregate, and analyze various data sources, including FHIR, Hl7 V2, CCDs, flat files, and APIs, will further enhance its data processing capabilities and maximize the functionality of its Analytics Applications layer. Consequently, Health Catalyst is committed to empowering KPI Ninja to continue delivering exceptional value to existing clients, while maintaining a seamless client support team and relationship to support their ongoing execution.


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