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HealthTalk A.I. Announces Addition of Emergent Telehealth Capabilities

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HealthTalk A.I. announced that there has been an addition of Telehealth and Tele-EMS capabilities to their platform. The company is patient engagement oriented, they are helping healthcare providers to boost their patient communication, improve patient follow-up, and access into the patient experience.

Through its A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) assisted patient engagement platform, HealthTalk A.I. directs patients to the right clinician, at the right time which then improves operational efficiencies, patient satisfaction, and patient loyalty. With these newly added features, healthcare organizations are enabled to directly connect with patients.

Jerrod Ullah, Founder & CEO of HealthTalk A.I., said, “Although many practices are using Telehealth in some capacity, this is different. Patients can now connect with a local physician almost instantaneously.
He continued, “From a transformation standpoint, we like to think of this as ‘Uber for health care in which there are multiple use cases for driving access; from allowing health centers to automate a 24/7 Urgent Care Telehealth program to supporting ET3 Para-Telemedicine to reducing 72-hour returns to the ED, so many healthcare institutions can benefit from this.”

The breakthrough by Healthtalk A.I. has some capabilities which include advanced ET3 delivery that provides on-scene Emergency Department support and streamlines the on-call after-hours Telehealth process. HealthTalk A.I. has partnered with, Keystone Healthcare which is a leading provider of emergency medicine and hospital medicine physician staffing and management service for hospitals. The healthcare organization optimizes the functionality HealthTalk A.I. to improve the post-discharge process and patient sentiment scoring.

Melissa King, DNP, FNP-BC, ENP-BC, VP of Telehealth, Patient Access, and Connected Care for Keystone Healthcare stated that this capability is a win-win and now their providers can intervene while paramedics are on scene. Patients can receive quicker patient-to-provider interaction and EMS providers can be much more efficient by returning to service faster. HealthTalk A.I. has enabled their vision of what virtual care should look like in emergency medicine.

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