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HealthWorksAI™ Debuts the First Healthcare Data Platform Powered by xAI

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Healthcare data analytics company, HealthWorksAI has launched its state-of-the-art xAI program, its 2nd generation. The method consists of collecting and processing data, which allows for detailed market analysis not possible with standard models. xAI gives a deeper understanding of the association between plan features and beneficiary preference by giving data scientists an effective tool to measure the influence of various plan attributes/factors. It also provides market-level insight into the impact of numerous verticals. The models are then integrated with components of the human-computer interface (HCI) that may convert models into realistic interpretations for consumers.

Shreya, Data Scientist of HealthWorksAI™, Said, “We use a combination of Rule-based algorithms, Random Forest, and Artificial Neural Networks to develop our proprietary prediction, classification, and performance metrics. Advanced analytics & xAI comes to play in the modeling and evaluation phases of data mining. To achieve this, we use LIME and DeepLIFT, as an example, to achieve far superior results.”

The xAI program, which launched in early 2021, has been a major success for HealthWorksAI, with the platform module being the most subscribed in its first year. The 2nd generation features many platform advancements as well as new approaches to xAI techniques, with releases starting in early Q2.

Jereme Ayers, Chief Growth Officer of HealthWorksAI, said, We’re excited to announce the expansion of our xAI program for MA Payors. One of the defining aspects of our company is the partnership our clients provide. We appreciate their faith and confidence and look forward to delivering even more for them in 2022!”


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