In an effort to create far more efficient management of health records, Hekka Labs launches a decentralized healthcare ecosystem. In India, the firm will build the largest chronic disease data management network, focusing on Southeast Asia. After Hekka develops and implements its proprietary Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), it will connect with the rest of the world’s healthcare market.

Currently, Hekka has formed partnerships with three Indian healthcare solution providers, Curisin, an Indian company with 30 million patients and 40,000 doctors that recently committed to providing 1.5 million medical records by 2022. IMMUNIDEX, a healthcare solution provider offering proprietary AI-driven diagnostic tools that can identify early immune-related health risks, is perfectly positioned to provide valuable data to Hekka. As another component of the Hekka ecosystem, TELEMEDICINE INDIAN CO, a start-up offering telemedicine services, blood tests, and health screenings, including COVID-19 testing, will provide data.

With the integration of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), Hekka Labs provides a plug-and-play solution that allows users to interact with the HEKKA ecosystem without causing a significant interruption. This setup can address issues like inefficient biomarker management, document hoarding, and unstructured data management that plague the healthcare business regularly.

Hekka’s private and public blockchain network solution will instill new confidence in Indian healthcare data management and could pave the way for considerable domestic and international collaboration. For the Indian healthcare market, this will result in new levels of ethical norms and quality.

Hekka aspires to become a substantial decentralized healthcare ecosystem in the long run by linking a network of medical and related healthcare providers, with a target community of over 500 million patients. As a result, Deep Learning could have access to tens of billions of chronic disease digital biomarkers, substantially accelerating new healthcare breakthroughs.