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Helios IP Integrates with its HeliosComplete IP Platform to Microsoft Teams

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Helios IP, an innovative solution for intellectual property management, announces the general availability of its Microsoft Teams application through the Teams catalog. HeliosComplete’s platform is now enabling IP teams to collaborate on the full range of IP management tasks using Microsoft Team. Subscribers to HeliosComplete have access to the Microsoft Teams app as part of their subscription.

Ralph Schroeder, Helios IP’s founder, and CEO explained, “Collaboration has always been a critical part of how IP teams work with inventors, attorneys, IP specialists, and outside counsel. As organizations continue to implement tools for their hybrid work environments, integrating to Microsoft Teams was an obvious step for us. The tight integration between the Microsoft Teams collaboration capabilities and our industry-leading HeliosComplete IP system enables our users to easily share IP information, collaborate on documents in real-time, and schedule online meetings such as invention reviews, filing decisions, and drafting discussions.”

From the HeliosComplete platform, Helios IP seamlessly integrates Office productivity apps, Outlook for emails, SharePoint for documents, and Power business intelligence (BI) with the Microsoft ecosystem.
In addition to its traditional SaaS capabilities, Hellios IP offers cloud-based IP operations as well. In addition to filing, prosecution, renewals, and formalities, Helios IP works with law firms and corporate IP departments throughout the full range of IP activities.

Louis Mason, a Lead Solution Architect for Helios IP, further explained, “Microsoft requires a rigorous validation process that ensures the quality and robustness of the app. As a result of our significant investment, the resulting solution provides an app that meets the demands of enterprise-class IT standards. And with the Microsoft Teams app management, IT can either automatically deploy the app or allow a user to install from the catalog.”

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