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Hexagon Announces Acquisition of LocLab

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Hexagon, a global digital reality solutions provider, recently acquired LocLab, a German company specializing in creating 3D digital twins with proprietary technology. LocLab will function as a unit of Hexagon\’s Geosystems division.  

This partnership-turned-acquisition gives LocLab\’s users a platform to host, exchange, and maintain 3D digital twins in the most recent state while strengthening Hexagon\’s capacity to make its Smart Digital Reality, a 3D hub for data management and information, more available to new and existing users. 

The LocLab toolchain uses a variety of data input types, including point clouds, survey data, and terrestrial videogrammetry, but only requires images or videos. Hexagon is incorporating 3D digital content from LocLab into its HxDR cloud-based platform for collaboration, visualization, and storage. This integration propels HxDR\’s growth as a digital reality platform in the building, transportation, and urban planning sectors. 

Through this acquisition, Hexagon\’s reality capture and software portfolio is strengthened by the combination of HxDR and LocLab\’s capabilities, and LocLab is given access to global scalability prospects through Hexagon\’s partner and sales network. 


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