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HIA Technologies Launches HIA TOPICS™ – Virtual Patient Education Platform

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HIA Technologies launched HIA TOPICS™ – a virtual patient education platform intended to reduce misinformation, improve engagement, and increase health literacy. With 20+ years of academic research in human/computer interaction, digital humans, and advanced speech, audio, and visual technologies, HIA TOPICS enables providers to develop their own virtual learning environments and allows patients to have real-time feedback from their doctors via conversational AI.

Alidad Ghiassi, M.D., Chief Medical Officer at HIA and Orthopaedic surgeon, said, “Physicians constantly combat misinformation during our limited time with patients. Through HIA TOPICS, my patients receive my evidence-based education in a format that is interactive and enjoyable. My patients love to ask questions, hear my answers, and engage deeper with my digital agent. As a result, they’re activated to participate in decision making.”

The HIA TOPICS platform offers a library of physician-authored education. Through physician-controlled artificial intelligence, digital agents host interactive presentations during which patients can ask questions and hear their physicians’ responses.

The CEO Vacit Arat stated, “Our method of matching physician-authored responses to real-time patient questions simulates live interactions with pinpoint accuracy.” He adds, “Patients get trusted information from the source, stop error-prone internet searches, and reconnect with their providers from the safety of home. Furthermore, clinicians realize time-savings by shifting educational upkeep to their digital agents and monitoring compliance with reports and interfaceable records.”

Through their HIPAA-compliant solutions, HIA Technologies, Inc. aims to give clinicians more control and reduce patient stress while empowering them and improving productivity throughout the healthcare industry.

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