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Hitachi Vantara Acquires Io-Tahoe, an Data Management Company

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The Hitachi Vantara Group acquired I- Tahoe, the innovative data management company owned by the UK energy company Energy Centrica. A unified platform that combines engineering, science, and data analysis, I- Tahoe enables teams to collaborate and innovate faster.

Radhika Krishnan product head D Hitachi Vantara, said, “We are extremely excited to add superior technology in data management, quality, and compliance to our Lumada DataOps suite. We are empowering our customers to transform their businesses through data, and this acquisition significantly enhances our ability to do so. With the increasing complexity of data environments, Lumada will now provide more context and meaning to information, enabling data innovators to leverage data more accurately and effectively. Optimized cost.”

Merge I- Tahoe is one of Hitachi’s latest investments, furthering its strategy of transforming social infrastructure in critical sectors, such as energy, transportation, financial services, health care, and production.

In addition to increasing data quality, workflow approval, governance, and regulatory compliance, Io-Tahoe’s AI-driven data management software help 1000 and more customers to meet the toughest data challenges. Lumada DataOps will integrate these capabilities into a flexible data management framework that provides integration, classification, and edge capabilities.

Ajay Vohora, CEO of Io-Tahoe, commented, “Hitachi Vantara is the perfect piece of data automation technology in Io-Tahoe. The Lumada DataOps package is the cornerstone of any data-driven initiative and its integration with Io-Tahoe technology creates an attractive suite of offerings with real business impact in a number of industries.”

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