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Hofy Unveils SaaS Platform For Global Companies To Equip Remote Teams

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Hofy, a company that allows companies to provide and manage physical equipment for remote employees, has announced the official release of its SaaS platform, which will help international companies to equip their remote teams.

Hofy CEO and cofounder Sami Bouremoum, said, “Improving the remote employee experience is vital to building the workplace of the future. The world has shifted from a myriad of local talent pools into a single, increasingly competitive global talent pool. Hofy makes it easy for companies to onboard new hires anywhere in the world by setting up their home offices in just a few clicks – ensuring they feel as excited for their first day, ergonomically comfortable, and productive working remotely as they would in a traditional office, no matter where they’re located.”

The majority of remote workers say they would change jobs if forced to return to the office, so providing a competitive remote work program is more important than ever before. Hofy provides companies with the most advanced one-stop technology solution available, enabling them to set up remote hires for productive work at home and to manage the equipment lifecycle thereafter. Hofy makes it easy to ensure employees have an enjoyable first-day experience and a seamless onboarding process.

A company can easily rent, deploy, manage, and recover equipment, including laptops, chairs, desks, keyboards, printers, monitors, and more, for remote team members anywhere in the world using Hofy’s software, which integrates into many HRIS platforms.

A new hire can access their laptop and other equipment they may need to ensure a productive, compliant work setup by inviting a colleague to Slack directly through Hofy. It takes just 15 seconds to onboard a new hire, compared with 3.5 hours for domestic hires and up to 6 hours for international hires.

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