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HPE Enhances its Capabilities with Reproducible AI by Acquiring Pachyderm

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Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) announced today that it has acquired Pachyderm, a leading provider of reproducible artificial intelligence (AI) solutions. The acquisition will allow HPE to expand its AI-at-scale capabilities and provide customers with a more comprehensive and reliable AI experience. Pachyderm\’s platform allows data scientists and engineers to reproduce and collaborate on AI models and workflows, making it easier to maintain and improve models over time. With Pachyderm, HPE will be able to offer its customers a more efficient and streamlined way to build, test, and deploy AI models at scale. 

\”With the acquisition of Pachyderm, HPE is now able to offer a complete and unified solution for AI development and deployment,\” said HPE CEO Antonio Neri. \”Pachyderm\’s platform will enable our customers to achieve greater agility and efficiency in their AI initiatives, while also reducing the risk of model drift and increasing the reproducibility of their AI models.\” 

 Pachyderm\’s technology will be integrated into HPE\’s existing AI portfolio, including its HPE GreenLake platform and its AI Ops solution. This will allow customers to leverage Pachyderm\’s capabilities in a fully managed, multi-cloud environment. 

 \”We are thrilled to join forces with HPE and bring our reproducible AI solutions to a wider audience,\” said Pachyderm CEO John Wilkes. \”By combining our technology with HPE\’s expertise and resources, we will be able to help more organizations unlock the full potential of AI and drive real business value.\” 

 It\’s anticipated that the acquisition will be finalized in the first quarter of 2021. The deal\’s financial details were kept confidential. HPE is not alone in the race of acquiring AI-based startups, this move follows similar acquisitions of AI startups by technology giants such as IBM, Google, and Microsoft. This acquisition is a testament to the growing importance of AI in the enterprise and the need for reproducible, reliable solutions that can be deployed at scale. With Pachyderm in its corner, HPE is well-positioned to meet the growing demand for AI-at-scale solutions and help its customers achieve their business goals. 


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