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HSR.health Launches New GeoHealth Analytic Dashboard

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HSR.Health introduces the Health Equity Analytic Dashboard, the first of its kind designed specifically for analyzing health data using geospatial technology. Using the Dashboard, health professionals can gain insights into the intersection of social, racial, and economic injustices, and implement interventions aimed at addressing and improving them.

Ajay Gupta, CEO of HSR.health, said, “Our Dashboard specifically identifies inequities and health outcomes in an area by the social determinants reflected by that population. Rather than generalizing and saying the outcomes are unequal, with our tool healthcare leaders can determine where who, and what factors are affecting those outcomes, and make data-driven decisions to improve public health accordingly.”

Researchers in the United States have documented health disparities in morbidity and mortality over the past three decades, estimating an excess of $93 billion in medical costs and $42 billion in lost productivity each year, among other economic costs. Further, the challenges associated with providing COVID-19 resources and responding to the epidemic across the nation show that health inequity is a prevailing issue in the U.S., as well as the social and economic costs involved. COVID-19, for instance, affected Black, Hispanic, and Indigenous individuals twice as much as White individuals, and their mortality rates were nearly double.

Health Equity Analytic Dashboard identifies the unique needs of the most vulnerable members of society during current and future catastrophic events and supports an objective and comprehensive analysis of the social and environmental factors that contribute to inequity.

In the Dashboard, users have access to a range of tools from state-level analyses and analyses at the county level, as well as social determinants of health (SDoH). There are several tabs to choose from, including multiple domain maps, time-series graphs, and correlation charts comparing different factors. It is possible to investigate the relationship between unemployment and the number of people vaccinated against a COVID-19 dose or more.

In addition, the company’s AI-powered blockchain-based GeoHealth Platform cultivates global data, as well as providing health risk analytics to key stakeholders such as government agencies, local and state health officials, healthcare system leaders, and community organizations delivering healthcare. A GeoHealth license or a customized subscription can allow access to the Health Equity Analytic Dashboard.

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