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Hypefactors Announces to launch AI-powered Presence Tracking

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Hypefactors, which offers a unified media intelligence and reputation monitoring solution, will upgrade its data enrichment capabilities by launching a new ‘Presence AI’ – an artificial intelligence-powered product.

The presence AI developed by Hypefactor’s Data Science team sets a new standard for measuring media impact by automatically determining if a particular news item is exclusively about one company/brand/topic versus being about multiple companies/brands/topics. When clients assess media impact and relevance, this is an important insight.

Presence AI offers several advantages:

  • This is especially useful for brands and companies that operate internationally since it handles over 100 languages in common use.
  • Moreover, it is fully integrated with the media monitoring capabilities of Hypefactors. Media occurrences for popular companies and brands can narrow down to the most impactful stories that really matter.
  • Hypefactors’ media impact measurement and reputation measurement are fully integrated. The results are precise for companies of any size.

For the last decade, Google has pioneered natural language processing. Its algorithm is patented and well known. However, their method requires substantial resources to construct and only supports a single language at a time. With Hypefactors, both disadvantages are reduced to a great extent. Hypefactors’ unique IP and technology assets are the result of its proprietary approach.

Activation of Presence AI will be automatic for current and new clients. Moreover, Hypefactors will offer this solution as an API that will integrate the global media database, automation, and enrichments directly into existing IT infrastructure during Q4/2021. By making the technology accessible to more users, additional revenue streams could be generated.

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